What Is Counselling and how it can help?

Counselling is a process that allows you to work through issues that may be

causing you distress. The job of a Counsellor is to listen, understand and help you to find solutions to your problems, to assist and empower you to gain practical support and deal with issues, and help you, as you go through a crisis.

I will not judge you, criticise, or advise you, but i will be respectful and empathetic, I can give you the space and time needed for you to talk and explore difficult feelings .

I am here to support you with any issue that you are struggling with, and to help you find the find solutions to your issues that are causing emotional pain.

There are many issues Counselling can help you with, it provides a safe space for you to talk and it is my job to support and respect your views.

Young Persons Counselling

With my younger clients, the therapeutic methods i use vary slightly based on their individual characters, understanding and ability. Some of these methods include playing games, various crafts, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and journalling so they are able to fully engage in the Counselling process.

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling isn't just for a couple in a romantic relationship, it can be for any two people who are experiencing problems, relatives, friends, work colleagues or any other two people who are struggling with communicating with each other effectively, and wish to resolve the relationship problems so they are able to move on more positvely.

I can provide the safe space needed for individuals to openly discuss their problems, for each person to listen to the other without any interruptions or disagreements, to work through their conflicts and to resolve any issues causing them pain and inability to move forward.

Life Coaching

Life coaching differs to counselling in that I help to empower clients to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animals can help clients to relax, ease anxiety and help to facilitate communication  regarding feelings, emotions and issues. For this purpose I would like you to meet Mabel and Marlow.