My name is Jeni and I am an Integrative Counsellor offering a safe and confidential therapy service where my clients are able to explore their issues without judgement.

There are times in life when it may be difficult or impossible to cope alone, this is where Counseling may help.

Counselling is a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness benefitting every aspect in a persons life. I can support your journey with a respectful, empathetic and non-judgemental approach, and provide a cushion for you to work through issues, problems and challenges that ordinarily would be too painful to think about enabling you to move forward more positvely.

I am based in Bridgnorth High Town and I have many years experience working with individual clients, teenagers, young people and couples covering a wide range of difficulties;

Anxiety,   Bereavement,   Depression,

Addictions,    Hoarding,  Compulsions,    OCD,   Phobias,

Stress Management,    Panic Attacks,   Relationship Issues,

Sexual Problems,    Same Sex Counselling,    Conflict,

Family Issues,   Divorce and Separation,    Family Problems,

Trauma,   Life Coaching,    Work / Career Issues,    Self Development, 

Self-esteem / Confidence  and many other issues.

I offer in person sessions as well as Counselling by Email

(Please see FAQ'S for details)


Anxiety Group Sessions      TBC

These will be held on a weekly basis.

Giving help and support to those affected with anxiety and giving

practical tools and coping techniques to help combat the symptoms.

Sessions will be held in Bridgnorth Town


Please register your interest via the contact page